Facebook Marketing

Heya guys today i will be discusisng both the pros and cons of using facebook as a Marketing tool. The Positives of using Facebook as a Marketing tool are Increased Exposure to Potential Customers Facebook now has 1.39 billion users worldwide with 890 million daily active user – it is a networking force to be reckoned with. Also if you use Facebook as a marketing too you will lower Your Marketing Expenses by a substantial amount

With Facebook marketing, you can create a dialogue between your brand and your audience: This, when handled properly and with the right marketing skills can lead to loyalty, customer satisfaction and a stronger bond between both parties based on similar built interests. Facebook marketing helps you with specific market targeting. Besides having many active users, Facebook is a platform that gathers huge amounts of information from its users. This is why businesses are so fond of using it, so that they can target their desired audience based on a specific users’ profile.

There are also  many negatives of using Facebook as a marketing tool, the main negatives are Time and Resources, Maintaining a Facebook page takes time, resources and energy. Your company will need a dedicated member of staff who can monitor and respond to posts on a regular basis.  If a customer is not happy with your product or service; they have the ability to post unsatisfactory comments on your Facebook page. Your support staff must either rectify the customers issue on Facebook, deleting the comment is a MASSIVE NO! NO!

So as you can see, social media platforms like Facebook that provide you with Facebook marketing are yes indeed a big help if you’re a modern day marketer looking into media marketing. It helps build reputation and professionalism when used right. But when used to casually and like any other platform, it’s normal to know there are some things that will just get us in a pinch. You must care to develop and maintain a Facebook presence that will indeed reflect you as a corporate professional. thank you guys for reading my very first blog post until next time.


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