Email Marketing

email-marketing-strategy-in-tanzaniaHeya I’m here to tell you you about Email Marketing, it is one of the most common methods of digital marketing. You might have realized that everyday you are bombarded with dozens of emails from various different organisations. I often get very annoyed at these emails as they are sometimes very aggressive the most noticeable one would be Boohoo, I bought a few things from them a couple of months ago but ever since then they have been annoying me with numerous email everyday about different offers that they have available. I wouldn’t mind receiving one or two emails every once in a while from them but the fact that i get nearly 10 emails per day is quite ridiculous. It’s very likely that many customers will delete your emails before they even take the time to read it. Using a bulk emailing program means your marketing email could get caught in the recipient’s spam folder and they may never see it just like the Boohoo emails that i would often receive.  Just as it is easy for subscribers to sign-up to receive your E-Newsletter, it’s just as easy for them to unsubscribe from it that is exactly what i did. If your E-Newsletter fails to deliver high quality content, people will begin to see an email from you as annoying and will quickly hit the unsubscribe link at the end of your email.

I understand why these different websites use email marketing because it is very cost effecting and it is able to reach the target market directly. It saves the company a lot of money by doing this type of marketing, maintaining an e-mail newsletter list is much easier and cheaper than traditional postal mailing. It costs money to print postcards and letters, as well as to pay for postage to get your message to their mailbox. By using Email Marketing You can track your emails to tell which ones were received, which email addresses are no longer active and which people preferred to not receive your emails anymore. Let’s face it – direct mail is slow. It can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to get a response. Email Marketing however has a response in anywhere between 1 and 3 days, or instantaneous when you’re looking at online sales.  It can reach a substantial amount of email subscribers in a short amount of time who have consented to receive emails that interest them.

Overall, the E-Newsletter is a great tool that you can use to add another layer of effectiveness to your company’s online marketing campaigns. E-Newsletters do have their drawbacks and limitations, but for the most part the benefits of E-Newsetter marketing outweigh the cons. Thank you guys for reading until next time.


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