Video Marketing


Heya What’s up?! Today I’m here to talk to you guys about Video Marketing. Video Marketing on the internet has become very popular within the past few years. YouTube is now one of the most used tools for advertising on the internet. Videos are really popular. Nearly a billion people go to YouTube every day, and the site reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any TV station. Videos are a very effective way of sending a message to consumers. A very good video can be less than 10 seconds long and it can have a lasting impact on the consumer who has just watched it .Videos are emotional, the right combination of words, pictures, and music can evoke laughter, compassion, fear or anger… and those emotions can drive the behaviour of a consumer.


Even though are many positives about Video Marketing there is also many negatives too. Videos are much more expensive than a printing or email. Effective business videos are not usually shot in your basement on your phone, so unless you already have good equipment and resources you need to spend some serious amount of money. Videos take up a lot time to produce well. A professional looking video need pre-production e.g. scripting, casting, location scouting and props and many more things. Not everyone gets giddy over video. Some even find it time-consuming and annoying y. Unlike written media, you can’t quite skim through a video. There are no organized headers or bullet points to guide one to the area they’d like to know more about. It isn’t something you can just print out for later.


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