Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is one of my favourite apps on my phone and its a great way for business to market themselves. Snapchat has more users than Twitter, and grew as much in one year as Twitter did in four years total that is crazy. 76% of Snapchat users also online shoppers this great knowledge for marketers. Though Snapchat is […]

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Search Engine Marketing

Hey guys today I want to talk to you guys about Search engine marketing. Search engine marketing (SEM) is a great  form of Internet marketing it basically involves promoting your website in order to increase its rank on google results pages, this is done by paying money to google. the most popular paid search platform used by […]

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Video Marketing

Heya What’s up?! Today I’m here to talk to you guys about Video Marketing. Video Marketing on the internet has become very popular within the past few years. YouTube is now one of the most used tools for advertising on the internet. Videos are really popular. Nearly a billion people go to YouTube every day, […]

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Email Marketing

Heya I’m here to tell you you about Email Marketing, it is one of the most common methods of digital marketing. You might have realized that everyday you are bombarded with dozens of emails from various different organisations. I often get very annoyed at these emails as they are sometimes very aggressive the most noticeable […]

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